The Test of Everyday Attention


Test of Everyday Attention (TEA) measures three aspects of attention — selective attention, sustained attention, and attentional switching — using everyday materials.

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    Includes Manual (Print), 25 Record Forms (Print), Administration Book (Print), Stimulus Cards and Maps (Print), USB which includes aural test material and training


  • TEA Scoring Sheets (pack 25)
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Publication date:
Age range:
Adults, 18 to 80 years
Qualification level:
Completion time:
45 to 60 minutes
Scoring options:
Manual Scoring
154 U.K. controls, 4 ages bands and 2 levels of educational attainment

Product Details

The TEA assessment is appropriate for use with individuals ranging from those with Alzheimer’s disease to young, typical clients.


  • Increases relevance for the examinee with use of everyday materials in real-life scenarios.
  • Helps identify different patterns of attention breakdown.
  • Shows normal age effects in the normal population.


The TEA was normed with 154 U.K. controls, four age bands, and two levels of educational attainment.

  • Use of everyday materials in real-life scenarios increases relevance for examinee.
  • Sensitive enough to show normal age effects in the normal population.
  • Three parallel versions are provided.