Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests | Third Edition

Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests Third Edition (WRMTTM-III) retains the format and structure of its predecessor while expanding the test’s range to offer you even more diagnostic capability. Guidance on using this test in your telepractice.
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WRMT-III Q-global Scoring Subscription 1 Year (Digital)
QG1WR3 Qualification Level B

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Publication date:
Age range:
Ages 4:6 – 79:11; Grades K–12
Standard scores, percentile ranks, age and grade equivalents, Relative Performance Index (RPI), Growth Scale Value (GSV); Cluster scores for Total Reading, Readiness, Basic Skills, Reading Comprehension
Qualification level:
Scoring options:
Q-global™ web-based or Manual scoring
Guidance on using this test in your telepractice.


Two pricing options are now available for scoring and reporting on Q-global. In addition to the current per-report price, there is now an unlimited-use scoring and reporting subscription available in one-, three-, and five-year terms. Both pricing options are listed in the pricing section below.

Important note: Each subscription is per user for the WRMT-III only and will begin on the date of order processing unless otherwise requested.


Product Details

WRMT-III is an individual assessment of reading skills for children and adults.


  • Identify specific strengths and weaknesses in reading skills to plan targeted remediation.
  • Determine reading strategies for students with special needs.
  • Evaluate struggling readers and screen for reading readiness.
  • Guide educational selection and placement decisions.
  • Test efficiently, with simplified administration and scoring.


More than 50 percent of all WRMT-III content has been updated. This significant revision retains the format and structure of the WRMT-R/NU, while expanding the test’s range to give you even greater diagnostic power.

  • Kit includes: manual, record form, Supplemental Record Form for Oral Reading Fluency, stimulus book, Rapid Automatic Naming stimulus cards, Listening Comprehension audio CD.
  • Comprehensive, contemporary reading coverage based on extensive research.
  • All new photorealistic stimulus art to more readily engage children.
  • Two parallel forms that can be used to monitor reading growth.
  • Basal and ceiling rules and grade-specific start points to help administer only those items within the examinee’s functional range.
  • Item-level error analysis on Listening Comprehension, Passage Comprehension, Phonological Awareness.
  • Within-item-level error analysis on Word Attack, Word Identification, Oral Reading Fluency.
  • New norms: conducted from July 2009 through June 2010 on a nationally representative sample of 3,360 individuals aged 4 years 6 months through 79 years 11 months.


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New Subtests

Phonological Awareness

Listening Comprehension

Rapid Automatic Naming

Oral Reading Fluency

Revised Subtests

Letter Identification

Word Identification

Word Attack

Word Comprehension

Passage Comprehension


Sample Reports

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Now Available!

Digital Assets: Stimulus Books, Manuals, and Other Administration Materials

You can now choose to replace your paper administration components with a digital version of each piece. The Q-global Resource Library hosts WRMT-III digital stimulus books, manuals, and ancillary administration materials. Each component can be purchased separately or as a digital kit.

NOTE: Paper record forms and scoring are not included in some digital kits at this time. Please refer to the descriptions for items included in any kit purchase.




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