Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement™—Third Edition

Ages 4:0-25:11 years

The KTEA–3 provides measures related to all eight specific learning disability (SLD) areas identified in IDEIA 2004 as well as the areas of impairment specified by DSM–5. With two parallel forms, this test was designed to track progress over time and help professionals determine why a student is underachieving and how to plan an appropriate intervention to address the student’s needs.

The KTEA-3 was designed to work with the WISC-V and WIAT-III to provide faster, streamlined scoring and reporting in a format that's not only more efficient for you, but also more powerful in driving student outcomes. Reports combining ability and achievement scores help you identify specific processing strengths and weaknesses that affect student learning, and develop the appropriate intervention to help the student become more successful.

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Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement™—Third Edition

Learn more about KTEA-3, visit PearsonClinical.ca/KTEA3

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