Digital Assessment Library for Canadian Schools

What are the benefits?

Schools can use this library to support all your students and ensure equitable access to services—for a flat, annual price based on the number of students enrolled in your district.

Say goodbye to tedious and unreliable hand-scoring, monitoring of usages, licenses and subscriptions and worrying about new purchase orders.

The DAL gives you valuable time back...time that can now be spent focusing on your students. There are countless other will virtually eliminate endless inventory management, reduce paper waste, shipping time, costs, and level your assessment spending year-to-year...and much, much more.

Learn about remote administration options through DAL!

The flexibility that the Digital Assessment Library for Schools provides for assessment administration while social distancing and through remote administration can make it easier to support your students while working within many current safety and healthcare guidelines.

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Explore Systems

The Digital Assessment Library for Schools is administered through Pearson’s web-based digital systems, Q-interactive and Q-global. These systems allow educators to accurately administer, score, and report clinical assessments.



Q-interactive administers interactive assessments (such as WISC®-V CDN and KTEA™-3) with an intuitive, portable system using 1:1 iPad® devices connected via Bluetooth®.



Q-global administers interactive assessments that are self-administered or proctored (such as BASC™-3 and Vineland-3), and generates scores and reports for manually entered paper administrations.

On-Demand, Recorded Webinar

Introducing Pearson’s Digital Assessment Library for Canadian Schools

Presenter: Jeremy Clarke
Recorded: March 3, 2021

Interested in how Pearson’s Digital Assessment Library for Canadian Schools (DAL) can benefit you, your district and most importantly, your students when faced with evaluations in today’s ever changing school environment? Want to learn more about how a simple one-time annual purchase can supply your entire district with unlimited use of over 40 of Pearson’s most popular digital assessments for cognition, achievement, behaviour, language and more?

Join us for a 45-minute live session to learn about Pearson's Digital Assessment Library and how it can benefit your district. We’ll be providing an overview of what the library has to offer as well as talking about the digital platforms, Q-interactive® and Q-­global®, and how they can be used to administer assessments while social distancing and through a telepractice model.

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