Otis-Lennon School Ability Test-Eighth Edition Online

An all inclusive solution that delivers immediate test results to facilitate reporting and placement decisions.

Ages / Grades:

Grades 3 - 12

Administration Format:

  • Online

  • Blended Online and Paper-pencil


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OLSAT 8 supplies educators with valuable information to enhance the insights gained from traditional achievement tests.

  • The test measures cognitive abilities that relate to a student's academic success in school.
  • One simple price includes test delivery, scoring, and reporting.
  • Flexible Testing Method allows blended online and paper-pencil administration with combined reporting.
  • Administer with Stanford 10 Online to obtain faster results, plus the many benefits of AAC scores

Telepractice and OLSAT8 Online


A telepractice session takes place with an examiner and a student in two different locations. Using a high-speed internet connection and a secure teleconference platform, an examiner, a student, and a facilitator or proctor in the student location join a web-based meeting via two web-enabled devices with audio and video capability. The examiner and student can see and hear one another throughout the session, and text, pictures, and video can be shared through the teleconference platform.

This telepractice information is intended to support you in making informed, well-reasoned decisions around remote assessment. This information is not intended to be comprehensive regarding all considerations for assessment via telepractice. It should not be interpreted as a requirement or recommendation to conduct assessment via telepractice.

You should remain mindful to:

  • Follow professional best practice recommendations and respective ethical codes 
  • Follow telepractice regulations and legal requirements from federal, state and local authorities, licensing boards, professional liability insurance providers, and payors 
  • Develop competence with assessment via telepractice through activities such as practicing, studying, consulting with other professionals, and engaging in professional development.
  • You should use your judgment to determine if assessment via telepractice is appropriate for a particular examinee, referral question, and situation. There are circumstances where assessment via telepractice is not feasible and/or is contraindicated. Documentation of all considerations, procedures, and conclusions remains a professional responsibility.
  • Otis-Lennon School Ability Test, Eighth Edition (OLSAT 8) is an ability test that assesses a student’s verbal, nonverbal and quantitative ability. It supplies educators with data to enhance the insights gained from traditional achievement tests.
Guidelines for Remote Testing
Instructions for the Customer/School

This guidance is provided to help you deliver the OLSAT8 assessments in a non-traditional manner that yield the most reliable and valid results. Please know that evidence supporting the equivalence of modified administration on these specific measures is not available. Be sure to bear this in mind when interpreting results from these administrations.

To administer the OLSAT8 test in students’ individual homes, Pearson recommends you ask a responsible adult in the student’s home to be present during testing to help monitor the student and keep them on task during testing. This is especially important for younger students.

Directions for Online Testing

Set up the Test Session (from School account)

Pre-Assessment Checklist

During Testing

After Testing

Instructions for the Remote Facilitator

A facilitator is an adult at the remote location with the person taking the test who will assist the examiner with the testing process. If you are the facilitator, the examiner will let you know how to assist. This document provides some general guidance to help you prepare ahead of time so that the testing session will be as successful as possible for the student.

The purpose of testing is for the student to show what they can do on their own. Please do not help the student answer the questions. For example, if you think that the student could answer better if the question were asked differently, or if they were given a hint, DO NOT try to help in this way. Part of what makes testing valuable is that it is done in the same way for all students.

Required equipment/software

Prepare the space

Prepare the technology

Prepare the student

Help during testing

Other considerations


OLSAT 8 can all be administered in a telepractice context. This guide serves as a framework to support the administration in this new context. In addition, educators should be sure to adhere to their national/state organization’s and local education agency’s recommendations regarding telepractice.

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OLSAT-8 in Telepractice
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