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  1. Wide Range Achievement Test-Fifth Edition (WRAT5)

    WRAT5 logo
    • Gary S. Wilkinson

    • PhD |

    • Gary J. Robertson

    • PhD

    Measures and monitors fundamental reading, spelling, and math skills.

  2. Expressive Vocabulary Test, Third Edition (EVT-3)

    • Kathleen T. Williams

    • PhD

    A measure of expressive vocabulary and word retrieval for Standard American English

  3. Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, Fifth Edition (PPVT™-5)

    • Douglas M. Dunn

    • PhD

    A measure of receptive vocabulary for Standard American English

  4. Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT)

    Measures an adult's current functional level in mathematics, reading, and language.

  5. The Early Screening Inventory, Third Edition (ESI-3)


    An individually administered screening instrument to help identify children who may need special education services.

  6. Wechsler Individual Achievement Test®, Fourth Edition-Canadian (WIAT®-4-CDN)

    Canadian edition in development.  An individually administered achievement test for use in a variety of clinical, education, and research settings.