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  1. Behavior Assessment System for Children, Third Edition (BASC™-3)

    Behavior Assessment System for Children, Third Edition
    • Cecil R. Reynolds

    • Randy W. Kamphaus

    A comprehensive assessment of behaviour and emotions in children, adolescents, and college students.

  2. Test of Everyday Attention (TEA)

    Test of Everyday Attention
    • Ian H. Robertson

    • Tony Ward

    • Valerie Ridgeway

    • Ian Nimmo-Smith

    Measure selective attention, sustained attention, and attentional switching

  3. Conners 3rd Edition (CONNERS 3)

    Conners 3rd Edition

    C. Keith Conners

    Get a complete assessment of adaptive skills functioning

  4. Test of Everyday Attention for Children (TEA-Ch)

    Test of Everyday Attention for Children
    • Tom Manly

    • Ian H. Robertson

    • Vicki Anderson

    • Ian Nimmo-Smith

    Assess the different attentional capacities in children and adolescents

  5. Brown Attention-Deficit Disorder Scales (BROWN ADD SCALES)

    Brown Attention-Deficit Disorder Scales

    Thomas E. Brown

    Evaluate ADD across the life span using an advanced and reliable executive functioning-based ADD checklist

  6. Delis Rating of Executive Functions (D-REF™)

    Delis Rating of Executive Functions

    Dean Delis

    A quick measure of an individual's behaviours related to executive function difficulties

  7. Central Auditory Processing Disorder-Strategies for Use with Children and Adolescents (CAPD)

    Dorothy A. Kelly

    This item is no longer available.

  8. Test of Everyday Attention for Children, Second Edition (TEA-Ch2)

    TEA-Ch2 logo
    • Tom Manly |

    • Vicki Anderson |

    • John Crawford |

    • Melanie George |

    • Ian H. Robertson

    Uniquely measures separable aspects of attention in children

  9. Cogmed Working Memory Training Program

    Cogmed Working Memory Training

    An online intervention program to improve working memory capacity in attention- and working memory-constrained individuals.

  10. Brown Executive Function/Attention Scales (Brown EF/A Scales™)

    • Thomas E Brown

    • PhD

    Measure DSM-5 symptoms of ADHD along with less apparent impairments of executive functioning.

  11. ADHD Resources

    Diagnose, treat, and monitor treatment progress with these ADHD products.