Pearson Clinical Assessments & Your Clinical Trials: More Effective, More Efficient Webinar (Recording)

This webinar articulates the clinical trial process with Pearson so you can move through the process of licensing and training raters more efficiently and effectively.

Presenter: Charles Shinaver, PhD, HSPP

Pearson is a world leader in clinical assessments. While Pearson has offered assessments for clinical trials for some time we have expedited our processes. We intend to more clearly articulate them so you can move through the process of licensing and training raters more efficiently and effectively. We will also direct you to which of our staff members provide what functions. In several areas Pearson produces gold standard assessments including cognitive/ability, memory, neuropsychology, behavior, mental health, personality/psychopathology, achievement and speech/language. These tools have relevance in several therapeutic areas including neurology, CNS, psychiatry, diabetes, oncology, cardiovascular disease and gastroenterology among others. This webinar will remind you of which assessments have been used with which diseases. We will explain our rater qualifications and importantly elucidate various opportunities for rater training including onsite training, live webinars, recorded webinars, consultation, and PDFs. We will differentiate when you can buy our products “straight off the shelf”, when you need a license, and how you can find and confirm which tests are in which languages. Finally we will highlight a couple of crucial points, the difference between a general license and a master license agreement (MLA) and the benefits you derive from engaging in an MLA which can facilitate more trials more efficiently. Finally, even when you don’t have time to do an MLA we will explain how you can expedite the clinical trials process with us.


Webinar video
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