Presenter(s): Liz Grose, Michael Charron, and Emma Walton

Register for this 45-minute session and learn more about the WIAT-4 Canadian that’s launching this fall. Our product matter experts will be on hand to discuss ways you can use WIAT-4 CDN results to determine eligibility for specialized services and identify goals for intervention, so bring your questions!

Presenter(s): Elizabeth Munsell and Melinda Cooper

Join this one-hour webinar for a description and demonstration of the new BOT-3 features and additional items. Increase your understanding of what to expect and how the BOT-3 updates can enhance your practice. 

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Presenter(s): Theo Miron, NCSP

In our changing digital world, social media offers both connectivity and risks for youth and their mental health. While social media can offer opportunities to connect with others and act as a medium for self-expression; significant concerns with cyberbullying, exposure to harmful content, and an increase in mental health issues have emerged. Through thoughtful planning and open dialogue, parents and educators can mitigate such risks and offer practical tips to embrace responsible social media use. As society grapples with digital challenges, collaboration between home and school pave the way for responsible social media use and mental well-being.

Presenter(s): Selina Oliver, NCSP

In this webinar, data will be presented to highlight the value of dedicated basic concept assessment to determine if a child understands the basic concepts needed to be successful in formal education, identify the basic concepts a child has mastered and the concepts the child has not learned, and to contribute information to psychoeducational assessment.

Presenter(s): Celine A. Saulnier, PhD.

The prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder is currently 1 in 36 school-age children in the United States. Yet, the breadth of the spectrum is so broad and heterogeneous that it becomes perplexing as to how some individuals who are profoundly affected can carry the same diagnostic label as those with more subtle symptom expression. This workshop will help clinicians better understand the variability across the autism spectrum based symptom expression, levels of cognition and language, sex differences, emotional/behavioral regulation, and racial/ethnic differences. How to identify and differentiate the common co-occurring conditions will also be discussed. 

Presenter(s): Dr. Robert Tringone and Dr. Seth Grossman

Join us as Dr. Robert Tringone and Dr. Seth Grossman explore a personalized lens that targets depressive symptoms through a coordinated and integrated treatment structure based on understanding the personality structure and its effects on perpetuating symptomology. Depressive conditions continue to grow and cause ongoing concerns from physical and mental health to overall diminishment in quality of life. From the Millonian perspective, depressive and other mental health conditions are conceptualized for their context with an individual's personality style, type, or disorder.

Presenter(s): Elizabeth Munsell and Melinda Cooper

The BOT-3 and Movement ABC-3 are both newly revised tools that can work together for a comprehensive assessment of gross and fine motor coordination in children and young adults.  Watch our one-hour webinar and learn what's new with the revised versions, discover the unique characteristics of each test, and discover the unique applications of both tools in clinical practice. 

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Presenter(s): Shelley Hughes, OTR, Kathleen Woodward, NCSP, Becky Whalen, SLP

This webinar will delve into the multifaceted landscape of early childhood assessment, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and partnership in ensuring positive outcomes for young learners. With a focus on building strong relationships between educators, allied professionals, and caregivers, attendees will explore effective strategies to meet the diverse needs of children entering preschool and kindergarten. 

Join us at our virtual Focus events! These casual and informative, one-hour Zoom events bring together educators, allied professionals, and Pearson product experts to collaborate on how to make each season of your school year or practice a success. Learn about top tools, get to know your assessment consultant, and get your questions answered by registering for our upcoming events today!

Presenter(s): Professor Martin Sellbom, PhD

This webinar presentation provides an introductory overview of the Multidimensional Personality Questionnaire (MPQ), the most up-to-date broadband measure of normal-range personality traits. The test coauthor describes the methods used to develop the MPQ and provides a brief history on research use of the test. Dr. Sellbom also covers information on scale descriptions, normative data, and samples of the MPQ Score Report and MPQ Police Preemployment Interpretive Report (PPIR).

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