Presenter(s): Virginia Berninger, PhD, author of the PAL-II, PAL Revised User Guides, PAL Intervention/Instruction materials

Join Process Assessment of the Learner (PAL) author, Virginia Wise Berninger, PhD, as she provides an overview of the model for screen/intervene, problem-solving consultations. She will cover differential diagnosis/specialized instruction for dysgraphia, dyslexia, and OWL-LD in the Revised PAL-II User Guide for Reading and Writing and for dyscalculia in the Revised PAL-II User Guide for Math. The Revised PAL Instructional Materials will also be discussed.  

Presenter(s): Samuel Rousseau@pearson.com

Learn about the new Q-interactive Assess app that recently launched. This webinar will discuss the exciting new updates to the user interface, the workflow, and the differences between the old and new versions of the app. 

Presenter(s): Daniella Maglione, PsyD, Selina Oliver, NCSP

The question of whether true adaptive behavior profiles in persons with autism spectrum disorder exists has been discussed in the literature for decades. This webinar will explore if, and how, adaptive functioning profiles of individuals with ASD differ from typical normative samples.

Presenter(s): Bruce A. Bracken, Ph.D

This webinar will focus on the BBCS–4:R and BSRA–4, which are early childhood assessments used to assess children’s understanding of a wide range of language concepts used in daily classroom conversations, teacher directions, and school curricula. Both assessments will be released in November 2022.

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Presenter(s): Kathleen Woodward, Ed.S., NCSP, and Chris Huzinec

Children diagnosed with ADHD have been shown to be at risk for lower-than-expected academic achievement and educational attainment. This intermediate session will help practitioners identify specific impairments and the severity of impact on functioning and enable them to develop targeted interventions.  

Presenter(s): Melinda Cooper, OTR, Shelley Hughes, OTR

Many individuals with autism experience differences in the way they process sensory information relative to their neurotypical peers. This webinar provides an overview of Dunn's sensory processing framework, reviews recent related research, explores two standardized sensory questionnaires, and explains how assessment results can be used to guide intervention planning and strategy formation.

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