What makes the DAS-II unique? Webinar (Recording)

Presenter(s): Daniella Maglione, PsyD and Erin Gunelson

Learn about how the DAS-II is unique to other assessments and can help meet the needs of diverse populations that you serve.    

Join us for a dive into what makes the DAS-II an exceptional assessment tool and what the DAS-II NU School Age has to offer.

The DAS™–II is an individually administered clinical instrument for assessing abilities that are important to learning. Use DAS–II to assess for learning disabilities and intellectual disabilities and properly evaluate English Learners, children who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as assess giftedness. 

The DAS-II NU School-Age provides updated normative information for children and adolescents ages 7:0-17:11 but retains all the features of the DAS-II that you love! 

Existing scoring software has been replaced with Q-global and is available for the NU School-Age, Early Years, and Spanish forms! We will highlight how you can score your DAS-II on this new platform and other online resources available to you. 


What makes the DAS-II unique? Webinar (Recording)
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