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Pearson is seeking Psychologists, Psychometricians, Speech-Language Pathologists, Early Childhood Educators, and graduate students in Psychology or a related field to collaborate with us as Examiners for various standardization projects across Canada. We are looking for English, French, and bilingual program participants. Referrals to your colleagues who may be interested in joining these opportunities are welcome!

As an Examiner, your tasks include recruiting and testing participants based on our sampling requirements.

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Current sampling requirements:

Wechsler Individual Achievement Test®—Fourth Edition: Canadian (WIAT®–4 CDN)

Test de rendement individuel de Wechsler®—quatrième édition—version pour francophones (WIAT®-4 CDN-F)

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale®—Fifth Edition: Canadian (WAIS®–5 CDN)

Wechsler Memory Scale®—Fifth Edition: Canadian (WMS®–5 CDN)

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