Children's Memory Scale (CMS)

Morris Cohen

Assess children's memory abilities

Ages / Grades:

5 to 16 years

Scores / Interpretation:

  • Subtest Scaled Scores and Index Scores Representing Critical Domains of Learning

  • Attention and Memory

Report Options:

Two: Ages 5 to 8 and Ages 9 to 16

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Children's Memory Scale

*Due to the age of the CMS, we regret to inform you that the software runs on Windows XP or prior versions.


  • CMS® Complete Kit with CMS Scoring Assistant



    Windows® CD-ROM*

  • CMS® Complete Kit in Soft Case



    Includes contents as above

  • CMS® Complete Kit in a Box



    Includes 25 Record Forms for both age levels (5-8 years and 9-16 years), Manual, 2 Stimulus Booklets, Response Grid, chips in a pouch, and 5 Family Picture Cards, all packaged in a box.


  • CMS® Scoring Assistant



    Windows® CD-R*

  • CMS® Manual



  • CMS® Record Forms Ages 9-16



    Pkg of 25

  • CMS® Record Forms Ages 5-8 years



    Pkg of 25

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