Assess using  iPads®! Q-interactive offers the flexibility to administer assessments in a convenient, easy-to-use digital system using two iPads.

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For Q-interactive's assessment library, see the Product Details tab on this page, or visit HelloQ.ca.


  • Q-interactive: Licence for 1 to 4 tests



    Licence to use 1 to 4 tests on Q-interactive. Volume discount applies for site licences.

  • Q-interactive: Licence for 5 to 8 tests



    Licence to use 5 to 8 tests on Q-interactive. Volume discount applies for site licences.

  • Q-interactive: Licence for 9+ tests



    Licence to use 9+ tests on Q-interactive. Volume discount applies for site licences.

Using Q-interactive in Telepractice

If you already have a Q-interactive subscription, you can provide remote administration by following these instructions:

  1. Log into QI Central and create or select a client.
  2. Assign assessment(s) to the client and send to the iPad®.
  3. Log into QI Assess on the iPads.
  4. Log into a telepractice platform (e.g., Zoom, Hangouts, etc.)
  5. Mirror the client/examinee iPad on to your computer.
  6. Screenshare the mirrored client/examinee iPad on your computer through your telepractice platform to show the stimulus item(s).
  7. Advance through the test items, following prompts on the practitioner iPad.
  8. Record the examinee response (verbal, by use of the mouse, or visual touch documented by facilitator) to each item on the client iPad.

Please note that this scenario requires significant technical skill, additional software, and extensive practice.

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Q-interactive in Telepractice
Questions about using Q-interactive for Telepractice? 
Please consult the Guidelines located on the Telepractice tab of this page


Digital Administration and Scoring Options:
Use Q-interactive for conducting assessments digitally using iPads®

Get more information about Q-interactive at HelloQ.ca
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Use Q-global for Online  scoring and/or administration

Get more information about Q-global at Hello.ca
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In an effort to help where we can during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have added several digital manuals and stimulus books to our Q-global digital library.  See a full list of these items