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  1. ACS Social Cognition


    Social Cognition includes a broad spectrum of abilities, such as facial recognition, name-face association, prosody, and theory of mind that are important aspects of social functioning.

  2. Dot Counting Test™ (DCT™)

    • Kyle Boone

    • PhD |

    • Po Lu

    • PsyD |

    • David Herzberg

    • PhD

     Assesses test-taking effort in individuals ages 17 and older

  3. Research Assistance Program (RAP)

    Research Assistance Program

    Designed to encourage post-publication research that provides new information about the applications and characteristics of our instruments.

  4. Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children—Second Edition Normative Update (KABC–II NU)

    Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children—Second Edition
    • Alan S. Kaufman

    • Nadeen L. Kaufman

    An individually administered measure of cognitive abilities and processing skills.

  5. Delis Rating of Executive Functions, Adult (D-REF Adult)

    • Dean C. Delis

    • PhD

    Quickly and easily administer, score, and report the frequency of observed behaviours that identify executive function problems in adults.