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  1. Q Local™ Scoring and Reporting Software (Q Local™)

    Charles R. Langmuir

    Administer and score assessments right on your desktop System Requirements Q-Local Quickstart Guide.  Version 4.0 now available.

  2. Q-interactive

    Q-interactive illustration

    Assess using  iPads®! Q-interactive offers the flexibility to administer assessments in a convenient, easy-to-use digital system using two iPads.

  3. Q-global™ Web-based Administration, Scoring, and Reporting


    Web-based system for administering, scoring and reporting on many Pearson assessments

  4. Cogmed Working Memory Training Program

    Cogmed Working Memory Training

    An online intervention program to improve working memory capacity in attention- and working memory-constrained individuals.

  5. Digital Assessment Library for Canadian Schools (DAL)


    The Digital Assessment Library for Canadian Schools provides a solution for school districts that offers unlimited use of over 40 assessments on Q-interactive® and Q-global®.