Getting to Know Your DRA3 Digital Platform Webinar (Register Now)

Join us to learn how the DRA3 online platform can streamline your reading assessment experience. We will demonstrate how to get started with benchmarking and accessing reports in the DRA3 online platform. For account managers, we will also provide guidance on how to set up your account.

Presenters: Denise Ricks

When we released DRA3 in the Fall, we were excited about the new kits and making everything able in print accessible through the DRA3 online digital platform. Our goal is to help you squeeze all the benefits out of DRA3, and we're here to help with a refresher of how to's:

  1. View a tour of the DRA3 online platform.
  2. Learn how to administer and score a Benchmark Assessment.
  3. View student-level and class-level reports.
  4. Understand how to set-up your DRA3 account for your school system. Join us to learn more about the time saving resources available on the DRA3 platform, with an invitation to roll-over unused licenses.