OTFocus: New & Featured OT Tools Webinar (Register Now)

Join us at our virtual Focus events! These casual and informative, one-hour Zoom events bring together educators, allied professionals, and Pearson product experts to collaborate on how to make each season of your school year or practice a success. Learn about top tools, get to know your assessment consultant, and get your questions answered by registering for our upcoming events today!

Join us for a casual and informative, one-hour Zoom event where we will bring together practitioners and Pearson product experts to discuss the newest Occupational Therapy products we have to offer. Learn about some of the top tools at your disposal and new products to support you throughout the year. Topics for this event include BOT-3, MABC-3, PDMS-3, and DASH-2. Bring your questions as there will be plenty of time for conversations.

**Please note that these are live events and will not be recorded. CE credits are not available for these events.