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Pearson is dedicated to helping you and your colleagues stay abreast of best practices and current research as well as maintain a high level of expertise in serving your clients and students. These webinar events are recorded presentations delivered via the Internet that you watch and listen to on your computer. They are free-of-charge to participants and vary in length.

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Introducing Pearson’s Digital Assessment Library for Canadian Schools

Presented by:  Jeremy Clarke

Recorded: March, 3, 2021

In this webinar, you'll learn about Pearson's Digital Assessment Library for Canadian Schools and how it can benefit your district. We provide an overview of what the library has to offer as well as talk about the digital platforms, Q-­interactive® and Q-­global®, and how they can be used to administer assessments while social distancing and through a telepractice model.

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The NEW aimswebPlus Canadian Edition: an Overview

Presented by:  Michael Charron & Nadira Chand

Recorded: February 18, 2021

In this webinar, you'll see how Canadian educators can use aimswebPlus Canadian Edition uncover learning gaps at the individual, classroom and system level to identify where your students need the most help—allowing much-needed time to intervene early.

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Universal Screening in Supporting Canadian Students' Social and Emotional Well-Being

Presented by:  Michael Charron & Nadira Chand

Recorded: February 19, 2021

In this webinar, Canadian teachers, educators and administrators will learn how to equitably and efficiently identify and monitor student mental health and behavioural needs with Review360.

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Summer Learning Series (August 24 - 28, 2020)

August 24: New Digital Ways of Working with your French-speaking Clients
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August 25: Assessing Preschoolers before they Transition to the Classroom
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August 26: Creating the Plan for Student Success & Wellness
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August 27: Supporting Student Mental Health at Home, and at School
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August 28: Technology in Telepractice - for beginners and advanced users
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Assessing Preschoolers before they Transition to the Classroom

Presented by:  Samuel Rousseau

Recorded: August 25, 2020

This session provides SLPs—and other professionals who conduct in-depth language assessments—with an overview of test updates, subtest definitions and administration general rules, and a look at the CELF P-3 and CELF P-3 Screener.

Note: initial audio issue at start of recording.

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Introducing the Bayley-4

Presented by:  Gloria Maccow, PhD

Recorded: February, 2019

The Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development™, Fourth Edition (Bayley™-4)  is a comprehensive assessment tool for determining  developmental delays in children 16 days to 42 months old.

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PPVT-5 Overview

Presented by:  Gloria Maccow, PhD and Anne-Marie Kimbell, PhD

Recorded:  Falll, 2018

Learn more about the PPVT-5 by watching this brief overview. The video covers an overview of the PPVT-5, research goals,

uses and applications, and digital options.

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Review360 Solutions for Special Populations

Presented by: Sydney Herndon

Recorded:  May, 2019

-Do you need help quantitatively documenting students’ IEP goals and objectives?

-Do you have a process to determine regression and recoupment especially for extended school year services?

-Do you have students who reach or surpass the 10-day rule?

-Are your teachers prepared to support students in a less restrictive environment?

-Do parents know if their child is making adequate yearly progress?

This hour-long overview will cover the features of our Special Education Solution to address these and many other issues facing Special Education Administrators.

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