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aimswebPlus is a tool for teachers and educational teams in MTSS/RTI and special education contexts. aimswebPlus offers nationally-normed, skills-based benchmark assessments and progress monitoring integrated into one application across reading and math domains with additional add-on measures across dyslexia and behavior/social-emotional skills. aimswebPlus informs daily instruction and provides growth results to caregivers and district/state audiences in reading and math achievement using curriculum-based assessment and standards-aligned content for students in PreK through Grade 12. Additionally, aimswebPlus links to instructional resources to support growth in reading, writing, and math skills. aimswebPlus uncovers learning gaps quickly, identifies at-risk students, and assesses growth at the individual and group levels. 

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aimswebPlus Benchmarking Data Utilization and Progress Monitoring Data Utilization Live Webinar 6 Hours
A103000072169 Qualification Level A

In this 6-hour session, participants will learn about how norm and criterion referenced data in aimswebPlus is interpreted. Participants will also examine the data on the benchmark reports and for what purpose each is used as well as learn about how norm-referenced and trend data on progress monitoring reports are interpreted. Prepare to put data to use in decisions for students receiving intervention. Hands-on practice with report generation will be available throughout the session if local devices are available. Price includes up to 30 people per session.

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