• Maximizing the potential of digital assessments: Best practices for educators

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    As schools and districts aim to provide high-quality learning experiences for all students, digital assessments play a critical role in determining where gaps might exist. Today, traditional paper-based assessments are at times found to be inefficient and inflexible for monitoring and evaluating student learning progress. In contrast, digital assessments can improve the process, ensuring students who need additional support are identified while easing the workloads of overburdened educators in understaffed schools and districts

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  • Celebrating 10 years of Q-interactive

    Celebrating 10 years of Q-interactive

    Celebrate 10 years of Q-interactive with us!

    Chances are, everyone’s appreciation for digital assessment looks a little different (and is hopefully a bit less dramatic), but no matter the setting, for the last decade, Q-interactive has been making an immeasurable impact. The last 10 years with Q-interactive have given us a better understanding of how our customers use our tests and how we can help them discover even greater efficiencies, greater accuracy, and — most importantly — greater connections through digital assessment.

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